I play on an silver alto and a lacquered soprano saxophone from Yanagisawa Wind Instruments in Tokyo Japan. I think these are great instruments, the best modern saxophones I've played. These are technologically excellent horns, great pitch and sound.

I sometimes also play a Selmer SA80 alto.

I own an old Yamaha 62 Soprano.

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I play Beechler mouthpieces on alto and soprano. I principally play my metal Beechler Bellite on alto with a 7 tip opening. I also play a hard rubber Beechler 8 with a customized tip opening on soprano saxophone.

I play MARCA alto and soprano reeds #2.5. The MARCA reeds are very high quality!

BG France straps are the best. They're super comfortable and strong. Also, I use BG France ligature on alto mouthpiece.